Current Programs



NATRIPAL has been assisting Indigenous Peoples in their struggle for the recognition and delineation of their ancestral domains. Along with its partners, it works with local multi sectoral groups to advance indigenous peoples interest and to defend the Ips of Palawan from threats to various forms of development aggression. NATRIPAL also networks nationally and globally in supporting Ips right.


Recording reviving and promoting traditional resource management principles is imperative to preserving ancestral domains. This form the core of resource management program, especially in developing ancestral domain management plans. Indigenous knowledge and biological inventories are utilized in developing such plans. Assisted natural regeneration activities have also been conducted especially in the case of rattan wildlings. Agro forest development has also been promoted at the near end of the second millennium.


The trade of non-timber forest product or NTFPs such as rattan, almaciga resin and honey have been the primary sources of livelihood for the indigenous people of Palawan. NATRIPAL has established a centralized marketing and product development unit to market and upgrade such products both locally and nationally with the objective of raising economic returns to the craftsmen and harvesters themselves. Promotion of value added products are initially developed in order to increase the revenues and benefits that will in return contribute to conservation and protection of environment.


We believe that the long term affectivity of projects depends on the strength of community leadership and sustained community interest and participation. Thus programs require social preparation and regular community consultations. NATRIPAL also places emphasis on capability building activities in ensuring the growth and maturity of local Indigenous Peoples organizations.


Enhancing awareness building on health and sanitation is the primary task of the federation to its constituents. Promotion of traditional healing processes and the use of herbal medicine practices are strengthened as part of this program. With this, partnership with different government agencies and other private sectors are established to support community efforts by putting proper health management in the hand of the indigenous peoples.



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